How to Take Proper Pictures to Advertise Your Property for Rent

How to Take Proper Pictures to Advertise Your Property for Rent

Are you planning to rent out your property? Effective advertising is crucial to attract the right tenants. The pictures you post on your advertisement play a big role in making a good impression on potential renters. Quality and clarity are important factors when taking pictures for advertising purposes. In this blog post, we will give you some tips on how to take proper pictures to advertise your property for rent.

Clean your property before taking pictures

A tidy, clean property is more attractive to renters. Make sure to do a thorough cleaning before your photo shoot. Remove any clutter in the room and tidy up any loose wires or cables. A clean and well-staged room will make the pictures more visually appealing to potential renters.

Choose the right time of the day

Natural lighting can make a big difference in your photos. If possible, take photos during the daytime when there’s natural light. Open windows and curtains to let the light in. Avoid taking pictures at night or in low light settings as it can detract from the appeal of the property.

Highlight the most important features

When taking pictures, make sure to highlight the best features of your property. For example, if you have a great view, make sure to take a picture of it; if you have a newly renovated kitchen, take a picture of it as well. Take photos of the rooms from different angles to give people a feel of the size and dimensions of the space.

Use proper equipment

You don’t need to be a professional photographer to take good photos. However, using a high-quality camera or smartphone can make a huge difference. Make sure to take clear and sharp pictures from a stable position. Using a tripod or stabilizer will ensure that your photos are not blurry.

Edit your pictures

After you take your photos, you can edit them to enhance their quality. You can use free online tools like Canva or Fotor to adjust the brightness and contrast, crop or resize pictures, and even add text. Avoid over editing your photos, as this can make them look artificial and unappealing.


Properly taken photos of your property can make all the difference when advertising it for rent. Follow the tips above and make sure to have good quality photos, highlighting the best features of your property to attract potential renters. Remember to keep your chosen renters in mind, for example if you are targeting students you might take pictures of study areas, outdoor spaces, easy public transit access, and spacious bedrooms. With the right photos, you can entice renters to your property and fill your vacancy quickly.

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