Choosing a Property Manager

How To Pick The Right Property Management For Your Needs

You are planning on bringing a property manager onto your team, congratulations! Working with the right property management team comes with a host of benefits ranging from:

Find A Team With Experience

When talking with property management companies be sure to ask about their customers, testimonials they have, and how they handle challenges. Remember anyone can claim they offer quality service, its a whole other thing to actually have experience doing it. By questioning your company on how they handle situations you learn what to expect when problems arise for your property.

Look For Industry Credentials

Property management professionals should have affiliations and accreddition with multiple industry groups that regulate real estate operations. The best property management companies will showcase their credentials because they understand that it demonstrates their credibility and experience in the field. Here is a list of the minimum number of groups the company you are considering should have.

  • Better Business Bureau
  • National Association of Realtors

Ask Specific Questions About The Market

When hiring a property manager don’t look for just a handyman. No, you want to look for a firm whose experience will make them a trusted advisor who you can work with to grow your property’s profitability. The best managers will have experience with the region and know the ups, downs, and possible problems of the rental market in Florida. You want to engage with a manager whose advice and insight can both boost and protect your profits for years to come.

Focus On Quality, Not Price

You want to lower your costs as much as possible and that makes sense! However you need to hire the right help right out the gate. Teaming up with the wrong property manager costs more than the most expensive option on the market. Cutthroat pricing leads to stripped down deliverables.
You don’t want your property cared for and looked after by the cheapest possible option. Skip the headaches, bad tenants, and property management problems by picking a property management company on the quality of their service and how it relates to your needs-not price.

Manager / Realtor
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