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Lamar G Property On Us offers a FREE no obligation rental property evaluation. In many cases the properties we visit are already vacant and owners to those investments may live out of town. Owners are not required to be present as long as our associate has access to the property by either a lock box, hidden key, etc.

A Rental Evaluation by an Experienced Property Manager

One of our Leasing Consultants will visit the property, evaluate the overall condition of the home, neighborhood, and surrounding areas to determine the estimated monthly rent and security deposit. The associate will provide possible recommendations pertaining to repairs, cleaning, yard work, and also go over the city and state rental property code requirements. It is important to know that many cities require rental properties to be inspected and/or registered. The state of Florida also has rental property codes in place that pertain to the safety of tenants which include but not limited to the installation of smoke detectors, keyless deadbolts, peep holes, etc.

Areas Served

While we are known as one of the top-rated, if not THE top-rated, property management companies in Palm Beach, Florida, we service properties throughout the South Florida area. For example, if you own a property in nearby cities such as West Palm or Fort Lauderdale, we can help. Or if you are a bit farther such as in Miami or Homestead we can help.

Remember,  Florida is a big state and what might be a long driving distance in New Jersey or Virginia, might be “nothing” to us. Many of our investors live out of state, either on the East coast or on the west coast like California, and are looking for a South Florida property management company to manage their rental property and that would be us.

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