An Overview for Florida Landlord and Tenant Laws

An Overview for Florida Landlord and Tenant Laws

Are you a landlord or tenant who is living in Florida or planning to move to Florida? Well, you have to know Florida’s Landlord-tenant laws? After learning specific important landlord-tenant rules will save you some time and avoid future problems as a landlord or tenant. There are many legal questions and obstacles that a landlord or tenant should be able to tackle. All you need to understand is the basics of the laws of Florida state.

Right now, Florida is one of the largest states in the USA by population. This is the fact that there is a lot of flexibility in terms of laws. Seeing this, the Florida state has put together some landlord-tenant laws. Today we have brought some understanding and an overview of Florida landlord and tenant laws. Just make sure you read every passage to understand it better. Following are the Landlord’s tenants laws that you must be familiar with in Florida.


Fair Housing Act in Florida

For the protection of tenants in Florida, according to the 1968 federal fair housing act, the Landlord must avoid the following:

  • Any landlord cannot create any unfair rules, terms of privilege and leasing agreement.
  • Landlords cannot act against the tenants who exercise their fair rights
  • Landlords cannot limit tenants to various facilities and services
  • A landlord cannot bar tenants from any access
  • A landlord cannot stop any tenant from renting negotiation
  • A landlord cannot stop a tenant from previewing the house
  • Landlords must not discriminate against any of the tenants.

These are the laws that a landlord must comply with without any retaliation.


Lease Agreement in Florida

A lease is a foundation on which both Landlord and tenant shook for the rental terms. There are two types of lease agreements in Florida: one is oral, and the other is written. The legal agreement should always take place before any further proceedings. Although remembering oral agreements might create problems so always go for written agreements. Moreover, an oral agreement is complicated to find as well as to prove in emergency situations.

  • Every lease in Florida should include the following terms
  • The two parties Landlord and tenant of the lease
  • A Description or condition of the property
  • Any repair and damages in the property
  • Occupation
  • Security details
  • Right to entry
  • Date and time

These are some components that are must be added to the lease agreement in Florida.


Know your rights as a tenants and Landlord

Responsibilities of Tenants

Following are the responsibility of tenants:

  • A tenant should follow the following rules
  • A tenant should take responsibility to use and operate every facility in a proper way
  • Tenants should make sure that any of their guests should not disturb any of the neighbors around them.
  • A tenant should not remove, destroy, or damage any of the things or parts that are the belongings of the Landlord
  • A tenant should keep everything in good condition, including plumbing and any of the either repairs
  • Tenants must remove any of the dirty garbage from the property and keep it in a sanitary manner.
  • Apply each health code and laws of the building and keep everything clean.

The above are the tenants’ responsibilities that are given in the Florida laws for landlords and tenants.


Landlord responsibilities

There are different types of units a landlord can give to the tenants, so the responsibilities also depend on the following units. Following are the responsibilities of landlords in Florida:

For Apartment

When a landlord gives an apartment, the Landlord is keen to provide the following:

  • A complete system of running water and in winter the availability of hot water.
  • Landlords should provide complete and clean facilities for garbage disposal.
  • The Landlord should provide better locks and keys.
  • Landlords should take care and clean the apartment from any bugs, rats and other related problems before giving it to tenants.

For Single Family Home

Following are the requirements and responsibilities of a landlord for a single-family home:

  • Landlords should apply every requirement of the building or housing, including their health codes.
  • The Landlord is responsible for keeping the property in good shape where everything should be repaired and capable of working correctly.
  • The above are the tenants’ responsibilities that are given in the Florida laws for landlords and tenants.

Security Deposit check in Florida

  • Every tenant has the right to get a security deposit from the Landlord.
  • There are different ways through which a landlord can save the security deposit during the lease term. A landlord can save it through a surety bond in the amount of the security deposit. A landlord can put it in the bank account where there are interns. Landlords can also place it in a non-interest bank account.
  • There is no limit on the security deposit on how much a landlord can charge.
  • The Landlord must return all the tenant security deposits within 15 days.
  • These Are the security deposit laws that should be followed by both parties.

Laws For Entry

As always, the tenant enjoys this right. When a landlord gives their apartment to a tenant, then afterwards, every time a landlord has to give notice before entering the apartment. IF a landlord wants to repair something for that, they must give a 12 hours notice to the tenants to make repairs.

Following are the codes through which a landlord can enter the tenant apartment.

  • In case there is a severe emergency, a landlord can enter
  • If the tenant is out for an extended period of time
  • If there is a consent of the tenant

Final Thoughts

In terms of laws of landlords and tenants, Florida comprises one of the best laws. This law is also called the fair housing act. There is every rule, code, law and action in a proper way from both sides. If you are ever planning to move to Florida, then as a tenant or as a landlord, you should know all these crucial laws for landlords and tenants.

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