How to Keep Your Renters Happy

How to Keep Your Renters Happy

A happy tenant means a long-term tenant. A successful landlord is one who can provide his renters with every possible comfort. Tenants tend to move out even before the month is over if you fail to keep them happy, which might cost you a significant loss. So tenant retention is essential to earn a stable profit. Here we have mentioned some of the tips that you can employ to keep your tenants happy:


Make Every Step Easy for Them

We will have to agree that the first impression is the last. The best thing a landlord could do is make the lease process convenient for the tenant. You can provide them with an instruction book and all the contact information of the best Investment Property Management Company. Helping them with the shifting can also put a great impression on the tenant. You should also have a checklist of factors that might cause problems and fix them before the tenant moves in so that they would not have to deal with any problem regarding maintenance or any other factor.


Provide Storage Room

Storage space is an integral part of every house. However, not every real estate property offers this space, making many tenants feel overwhelmed about where to keep the extra baggage. So providing them with a storage room could make you stand out in the real estate market.

Having a storage room can also earn an extra profit if you offer this space to non-tenants for some money.


Be Responsive

It might not be easy to be accessible all the time, but it puts a great impression on the tenant. Here are some of the easy tips to be approachable all the time:

  • Create an online portal where they can make their requests anytime they need.
  • Make a little extra effort to select any South Florida Property Management company that could respond anytime a tenant contacts them; for instance, Lamar G Property on Us is an excellent website that could provide your tenant with all the information regarding utility companies in the area, or anything one needs to know about, anytime they contact them.
  • Send emails regarding the community’s upcoming events to ensure they also participate in them.


Let your tenants know you care!

Increase Security in the Surroundings

Everybody deserves to live in a secure place, where they feel no potential danger. A landlord could follow the following measures to ensure security to their tenants.

  • Do not forget window locks.
  • Lodge security cameras on every corner
  • Invest in motion-activated lights
  • Make an emergency exit in case of any hazard
  • Position an alarm system and motion sensor lighting


Offer Peaceful Atmosphere

The more your property feels peaceful, the longer a tenant is likely to stay. One could consider the following factors to give their tenant a peaceful environment:

  • No one wants to deal with the arduous maintenance process after a long day. It is better to fix maintenance issues while the tenant is out, making his comfort a priority
  • It is essential to resolve noise issues as soon as possible if your property exists in a commercial area.
  • If the tenant files a complaint, it is essential that you listen to their complaints patiently and making a follow-up call will also make a significant impact on them.
  • Provide the tenants with the facilities they care about; for instance, if the tenant is a musician, they might demand a separate room for their instruments. You could go the extra mile to provide them with that.


Give Surprises

One more way to make your tenants happy is to give them surprises. There are many things you can do to make your tenants feel special. For instance, you could leave a goodie basket at the door, Keep up with important events like Christmas, send gifts, send birthday wishes with something special present, replace their old appliances with new ones, etc.

Such gestures of kindness will make your tenants feel special, and they will likely stay at your property for a long time.


Provide Advanced Facilities

Some tenants prefer living in a place with modern facilities. The best thing you could do is invest in the facilities, like automatic washing machines and dryers if the tenants do not already have them.

Other modern house facilities include a central air conditioner, stainless steel appliances, hardwood flooring, etc. They will also make a home-like environment for the tenant. Plus, you can make a parking lot for your tenants if your space has extra space. It will not only increase the worth of the property, but also your tenants will have a safe place for their vehicles.

Demonstrate Professionalism

Professionalism is one of the essential factors in every field. The property owner must lead every process professionally. For instance, keep the lease in written form so that in case of any misunderstanding, you can maintain your trust. 


Keeping a record of all the processes and keeping the tenant updated is essential. It will lead the tenant to build their confidence in you.


Step to Take to Confront the Tenants

Here are following some of the ways to confront your tenant politely for any problem:

  • Send an email that addresses the problem with the instructions in a polite yet professional tone.
  • Mention the actions that you want them to take.
  • Listen to their side of the story.
  • Follow up to see if the problem has been resolved or not.


Final Thought

There are many ways a landlord could practice to make their tenant feel happy and appreciated. Providing tenants with the facilities and addressing their problems on time will lead them to build their confidence in you. It will make a tenant stay longer at your property, and you could be a step forward in the competition. Contact Lamar G Property On US today if you require a property management company that could help you go the extra mile for your tenant. As a friendly management company, we know how to increase tenant satisfaction. We also have advanced tools to make things easier for you.

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