Six Tips on How to Go that Extra Mile for Your Tenant in South Florida

Six Tips on How to Go that Extra Mile for Your Tenant in South Florida

The responsibilities of a landlord go beyond just picking a tenant, signing a contract, and get monthly rent. As it becomes arduous for a landlord to get a good tenant, tenants also look for a landlord who could provide them with best facilities. Most of the time the behavior of a tenant depends upon how good a landlord treats them. Here we have mentioned some of the convenient ways to go an extra mile for your tenant to show them the ideal time in your property in South Florida.


Create Ease from the First Step

We will have to agree with the saying that the first impression is the last. The best thing a landlord could do is to make the lease process convenient for the tenant. You could also provide them with an instruction book along with all the contact information of the best Investment property Management Company.


Be Timely With Responses

It might be a little difficult to be accessible all the time, but it positively influences the business. Here are some of the easy tips to be approachable all the time:

  • Create an online portal where they could make their requests anytime they need.
  • Make a little extra effort to select any South Florida Property Management company that could respond anytime a tenant contacts them, for instance, Lamar G Property On Us is a great website which could provide your tenant with all the information regarding utilities companies in the area, or anything one needs to know about, anytime they contact them.
  • Send emails regarding the upcoming events of the community to make sure they also take part in them.


Let your tenants know about upcoming events in there community

Strengthen Security

Everybody deserves to live in a secure place, where they feel no potential danger for them. A landlord could follow the following measures to ensure security to their tenants.

  • Install cameras on every corner.
  • Keep the surroundings bright with proper lighting
  • Make an emergency exit in case of any hazard.
  • Installing an alarm system and motion sensor lighting

Make their Peace a Priority

The more a place feels peaceful, the longer a tenant is likely to stay. There are the following factors one could keep in mind to give their tenant a peaceful environment.

  • Perform maintenance work while the tenant is at work so that you do not disturb their comfort and tranquility.
  • Try to provide them a quiet surrounding, so that they could enjoy calmness and serenity after a long day.
  • Take quick action in case a tenant files a complaint and make a follow-up call after the changes have been made.
  • Provide them the facilities that the tenant cares most about, for instance, if the tenant is a college student they might demand a study room. You could go the extra mile to provide them with that.

Demonstrate Appreciation

Everyone likes surprises. There are many ways one could surprise their tenant to make them feel at home. For instance, you could leave a welcome basket at the door, giving them discounts, hand-written cards, Sending birthday wishes with cards or chocolates, pay their utility bills, etc.


These little acts of kindness could go a long way. It makes a tenant feel that they are safe and they will have someone to contact in case of any problem.

Provide Advanced Amenities

Some tenants prefer living in a place with modern facilities. The best thing you could do is providing them with the facilities, like a central air conditioner, stainless steel appliances, or hardwood flooring, etc. They will also make a home-like environment for the tenant.

Final Thought

There are many ways a landlord could practice to make their tenant feel special and appreciated. It will not only make a tenant stay longer at your property but also you could be a step forward in the competition. If you are in need of a property management company that could help you going extra mile for your tenant, contact Lamar G Property On Us, today. As a friendly management company, they know how to increase tenant satisfaction.

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