Ways to Market Your Rental Property to Fill Vacancies Fast

Ways to Market Your Rental Property to Fill Vacancies Fast

Marketing is one of the most important factors for every business. It is through marketing that people get to know about your business. Every successful businessman is willing to invest in marketing. According to research, 70% of marketers are actively investing in content marketing. As a property owner, it is significant for you to invest in the right strategies to market your property so that you could derive the targeted profit out of your business. In this article, we will be discussing the best ways to market your rental property so that you can fill your property with the desired tenant:


Employ Social Media Platforms

Using social media is the best way to market your rental property. There are several platforms that you can employ to make people aware of your property. However, before you jump to social media, having your own website is the first step. There are following some of the social media platforms that you can use for this purpose:



Facebook is the primary marketing channel. There are over one billion users on it. If you market your property on this platform in an appropriate way, you can fill the vacancy real fast.

 Facebook employs Interest-based targeting. So to make your ads visible to your audience, you will have to post ads where the relevant people could see them.



According to Statista, more than 774 million people use LinkedIn. So, marketing your property on this platform can help you find the right tenant. Here is how you can market your property on LinkedIn:

  • Use the best infographics
  • Post offers
  • Paid ads



According to the HubSpot State of Marketing result, Instagram is the second-best performing social media platform for marketers. So, Instagram can also help you fill your property real quick. Additionally, there are several other ways you can your potential tenants aware of your property. Some of them are as under:

  • Get connected with the influencers
  • Conduct live sessions
  • Use hashtags
  • Upload daily Instagram stories

Here is how you should set up your account on this platform:

  • Use your company logo
  • Name your account after your brand name
  • Provide your website link in the bio
  • Use the best copywriting techniques in your bio description


Let your Tenants Speak for You

The testimonials speak for your business if nothing else. Your satisfactory experience with your previous tenants helps you increase your credibility in the market and make your marketing stronger than ever. You can ask your tenants to write in detail about their experience with you so that you can display it on your site. As these testimonials explain the real-life experience of the people, they connect with prospective tenants at an emotional level. Plus, it helps them build their confidence in you.


Take Part in Webinars

Webinars are the perfect way to market your business. It helps you boost growth, brand recognition, and attract more people in real-time. Live seminars allow you to interact with your target audience. You will not only be able to elaborate on your services but also understand the audience in a better way. To market your property through this method you can partner with local lenders or other real estate companies.


Set up your Website or Blog

Blogging is another method to market your rental property. You can bring traffic to your website by writing optimized content about your property. Every time you upload the content, the chances of appearing in search engines increase. However, you will need to be careful about what kind of content you upload. It is necessary to upload content that could make you stand out from other competitors. You can add premium quality pictures or infographics for visitors’ ease. You can attract more and more tenants by writing about the following factors:

  • Facilities in the area
  • Posting tours of refurbished units
  • Neighborhood
  • Security


Listing Mistakes to Avoid While Marketing

Following are some of the mistakes that you really need to avoid while marketing your property:


General Marketing

One of the mistakes that marketers commit is using general marketing techniques. They tend to target a general audience instead of focusing on a relevant audience. Knowing your relevant audience plays a significant role in making your marketing effective. Focusing on a certain audience is not only affordable but also more efficient.


Brief Listing

Your listing must be in elaborated form. You are supposed to add each and every detail about what your property looks like. A good property listing presents a transparent picture of your property. Try not to exaggerate things with fancy words as it might become hard for you to come up with the expectations later Here is a list of things that you must include in your advertisement:

  • Why people should rent your property? (come up with an attractive punch-line)
  • Number of rooms/kitchen/bathrooms
  • Location
  • Parking lot
  • Security

Employing Old Listing

One of the mistakes that you might make is using the outdated listing. When your property becomes vacant and you must look for a new tenant, it is important that you create a new listing and mention the current state of your property.


Otherwise, you might leave out many details that might be a disappointment for the potential tenant when he comes to visit the property.


Failed Optimization

There is no point in creating a listing that does not reach the targeted audience. All successful marketers tend to invest their time in writing an optimized listing so that they could appear in search engines.


Online Absence

Not making an online presence is one of the primary mistakes that a marketer makes. More than 90% of people tend to use online platforms to answer their queries. Increasing your online presence could help you market your property more efficiently and easily.   Following are some of the benefits of maximizing your online presence:

  • You are approachable
  • Affordable marketing
  • Great audience
  • Referrals
  • Reviews


Bottom Line

Tenant turnover is a certain thing in the real-estate business. The way how you deal with it is what matters the most. The best way to fill your property right after a tenant leave is to know the right way to market your property. If you are new to the business, then hiring a professional will be a smart idea. If you are in need of a property management company that could help you going extra mile for your tenant, contact Lamar G Property On Us, today. As a friendly management company, they know how to increase tenant satisfaction.

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